Circular Mosaic

For my first foray outside my comfort zone, I decided to do an entirely original piece that combines a studs-up mosaic (albeit a simple one with just 4 colors) with some brick bending. It is a wraparound mosaic with a repeated pattern of intertwined snakes (which I first created on paper). The whole sculpture has 12 identical snakes and uses 14028 1×1 or 1×2 plates (in 4 colors). The model is about 15 inches across and stands a little under 2 feet tall.

While it was impossible to build the whole thing in (where it is not possible to bend bricks), it wouldn’t have been possible for me to realize this build without I used extensively to refine the pattern, make sure the 6 identical sections meshed together correctly and to figure out the part count (all of which would have been too tedious to do manually).