70 Pine Street


70 Pine Street (formerly the Cities Service Building) built in 1932 was the tallest building in Lower Manhattan and the third tallest in the world until the late 1960’s. Like most skyscrapers built during this period, 70 Pine Street has a distinctive tapered shape that was designed to conform to the zoning regulations that were in place during that time. It rises through a complex series of setbacks to a white-accented top that is intended to recreate the look of a snow-capped mountain.







60 IN.

This ended up being one of the most challenging builds that I have done. I had to go through several iterations of sketches before I could find the right scale that would allow me to accurately represent the floor and window count and to do justice to the intricate shape of this building. With all the different setbacks this building has at different levels, I ended up with over 20 sections in the final model (compared to say the 6-7 sections that make up the model of the Empire State Building). The “snow-capped” peak of 70 Pine Street was especially tricky to design since it involved mixing tan and white pieces usually within the same layer, in a part of the model that had to taper through a series of setbacks.