Using LEGO (the colorful plastic bricks that we all know and love) to build models of skyscrapers (which are among the pinnacles of human achievement – quite literally!) may seem like a no-brainer. After all, what kid playing with LEGO hasn’t stacked these bricks as high as they could to try to create their own skyscrapers ?

However, building LEGO models (or MOCs as AFOLs such as myself like to call them) that represent real skyscrapers with a high degree of accuracy involves much more than just stacking bricks. A significant amount of research and planning is required in order to translate the dimensions of a real building to LEGO bricks (while preserving its overall shape and proportions). A number of other considerations also come into play when designing a LEGO model – picking the right scale, ensuring the structural integrity and portability of the model, optimizing the use of LEGO pieces based on their cost and availability, etc.

I have tried to create (what I hope will be) the definitive LEGO versions of some of the most iconic American skyscrapers and this website intends to not only showcase these models but also provide some insights into my design process, the challenges I have encountered, interesting building techniques I have used, etc.